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California Authority for Appointment of Private Judges

 2014 California Rules of Court:

California litigants have the option of retaining a private judge of their choosing rather than going to court and having a judge assigned to their case. California Rules of Court 2.830 and 2.831, among others, specifically provide litigants with this right.  When "the parties request that an attorney be designated by the court to serve as a temporary judge on a case, the stipulation of the parties that a case may be tried by a temporary judge must be in writing and must state the name and office address of the member of the State Bar agreed on. The stipulation must be submitted for approval to the presiding judge or the judge designated by the presiding judge."

California Constitution:  

Article 6, Section 21 - "On stipulation of the parties litigant the court may order a cause to be tried by a temporary judge who is a member of the State Bar, sworn and empowered to act until final determination of the cause."

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