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Will California grant my Same-Sex Divorce?

  Sarah B. Russo, Esq.  Many same-sex couples who marry do not consider what will happen if they separate.  Specifically, will the state that granted your marriage recognize your divorce?  Or, will the state in which you currently reside grant your divorce if the state does not yet recognize same-sex marriage? Unfortunately, the answer to… Read More »

Attorney Leslie Prince on Fox 40 News

Criminal Defense Attorney Leslie Prince was interviewed on Fox 40 last night in relation to Dr. Susan Hogan, Solano County’s forensic pathologist and a frequent prosecution expert, whose credibility and expert testimony has now come under review. This important issue is currently pending before Solano County Judge Dan Healy, who issued a court order on Monday authorizing… Read More »

Cohabitation Contracts: What is a non-marital cohabitation agreement & do I need one?

Attorney, John Carella What is a non-marital cohabitation agreement & do I need one? Many California couples elect not to get married – but still enter into the same contractual and financial arrangements as married couples.  Unmarried couples may simply not want the level of commitment that marriage implies, but many others form the same… Read More »

I’m getting a divorce – what now?

Attorney Shannon Elms Here are a few things you may want to consider, or discuss with your attorney, upon beginning the divorce (dissolution of marriage) process.  One of the first things you will want to do when you separate is get your legal bearings.  What can/can’t you do? What changes can you make to your… Read More »

What should I do if I am arrested?

Attorney Leslie Prince Firstly, do not talk to the police!  Either at the time of your arrest, or before or after you are arrested. You have a constitutional privilege against self-incrimination, in other words, the right to remain silent. Although the police may lead you to believe that it is in your best interests to… Read More »

What information & documents should I give my family law attorney?

Attorney John Carella A family law case is like any other legal case.  It is won or lost on the evidence.  Evidence can be  provided in the form of testimony (verbal statements of parties and witnesses) or documentary (writings and statements of all kinds).   Usually, the testimony offered by a client, and his or her… Read More »

Dividing Retirement Plans Using a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (“QDRO”)

Attorney Robin Birnbaum Representing numerous clients in divorce (dissolution of marriage) proceedings, I am frequently asked how employee related benefits, such as pensions, 401(K)’s and state and federal employee retirement system plans, are divided. The answer, although simple, is perhaps one of the most confusing aspects of the divorce process for many of my clients…. Read More »