Mediation & Alternative Dispute Resolution

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution ("ADR") - meaning that its object is to avoid the need for contested litigation.  The family law attorneys at Law Offices of Russo & Prince strongly encourage the use of mediation and other forms of ADR in family law cases, including divorce and child custody proceedings.  We have more than 20 years of experience representing clients in disputed family law actions in Solano, Napa and Contra Costa counties and we have found that in many cases mediation is more efficient than litigation.

Why is this the case?  Because people frequently save money, get better outcomes, reach agreements more quickly, and feel better about the results through mediation.  People often do not realize that these mediated agreements yield more satisfying results that are more comprehensive and well considered.

Our preferred Family Law ADR approaches include:

An Efficient Approach

The courts are clogged and the situation is only getting worse. California has had to cut billions from its budget, and the court system has not been immune from the impact of these cuts. Courtrooms have been closed, and hours and days have been cut from the calendar in those that remain open. It is becoming the norm to wait months, even years, for a court date or final judgment. When your court date does arrive, expect to wait hours for your case to be called, all the while paying your attorney to wait with you.

When you finally do get your day in court, the judge may very well order your case to mediation before your hearing or trial - and may delay your case many months while that process unfolds. Why waste all that time and expense when you could have resolved the case much earlier and less expensively through mediation?

An Effective Approach

Besides faster and less expensive resolution, mediation is often a more effective way to resolve the issues in your divorce or family law matter. In a mediation or other ADR method, the parties collaborate to create a solution that meets both of their needs, as opposed to having a decision handed down and imposed upon both of them by a disinterested judge. When the parties have a stake in creating the custody or support order, they are much more likely to follow the order voluntarily without the need for further court enforcement or other intervention. This method also permits parties to come to more creative resolutions, recognizing that the needs of each family are unique.

Also, a mediated approach is often less stressful and less damaging to the long-term relationship between the parties. Even if spouses are divorcing, they are still likely to have significant contact throughout their lives, particularly if they have children, as their children experience life events such as graduation, marriage, and the birth of children of their own. Our experienced mediators can help our clients to focus on their issues and interests, without staking out intractable positions or attacking the other person's character or personality.

Experienced Attorneys in Family Law Mediation

We take a holistic approach that considers the whole case  and the unique needs of your family at each stage - while keeping our mediation clients informed .

We welcome clients to our office from throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento, Napa, Yolo County, and the surrounding communities who wish to take a collaborative, interest-based, and win-win approach to their divorce, child custody dispute, legal separation, or other family law matter.

For efficient, effective and long-lasting results in your case, contact the Law Offices of Russo & Prince to speak with one of our family law mediators today.