Criminal Defense Resources

Solano County Courts

The official website for the Solano County Courts is That site has links to Court Connect (where you may access on-line information about most cases), to information about jury duty, paying citations, and to self-help resources. At Court Connect, you can obtain generic case information and other court information including the procedural status of a case, and future court dates.

California State Bar

The official website for the California State Bar is Among other things, you can search for an attorney, and can obtain information about an attorney=s education and background, and whether any complaints have been filed or disciplinary actions taken against the attorney.

Solano County Bar Association

The official website for the Solano County Bar Association is This
link will provide you with numerous legal resources, including links to dispute resolution, fee arbitration, and small claims court. There is also a link for Lawyer Referrals, where you can obtain a referral to an attorney who practices in the area for which you require legal services.

Special Investigations Group

Special Investigations Group is a full service private investigations firm specializing in criminal defense. The head of this group is a former police officer who is an experienced and competent criminal investigator.  While we cannot vouch for any single investigator and we do not have a personal relationship with this firm, we feel comfortable referring clients to SIG because they work with many Solano County criminal defense attorneys in assisting criminal defendants. The official website is

Bail-bonds Company

1 Hour Bail Bond Service provides bail to criminal defendants in Solano and surrounding counties. They can work with you to provide bail so as to enable you to get out of jail as soon as possible. Payment plans can be arranged, and they can meet with you at the jail. Their official website is


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