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Attorney Leslie Prince


Trial Court Victories

Ms. Prince has dedicated her career to helping criminal defendants - both at trial and on appeal.  Here are a few of her achievements:

  • April, 2018: People v. F.L. - F.L. was charged with murder and a separate count of attempted murder and was potentially facing life in prison.  Ms. Prince successfully negotiated a plea deal for a determinate sentence.
  • December, 2017: People v. D.H. - Ms. Prince represented D.H. in a jury trial and successfully obtained a verdict reducing a charge of attempted murder to attempted voluntary manslaughter.
  • April, 2016: People v. D.M. - Ms. Prince represented D.M. at a jury trial involving residential burglary, vandalism causing over $100,000 damages, stalking, and a prior strike conviction. Jury found defendant not guilty of all charges.
  • June, 2014: People v. J.B. - Ms. Prince represented J.B. at a jury trial involving multiple counts of child molestation.  The jury hung as to the charges which would have subjected JB to a term of life in prison.  Thereafter, those charges were dismissed and thus, the defendant avoided a life sentence.
  • November, 2013: People v. D.M. - Ms. Prince successfully obtained a reversal on appeal of D.M.'s conviction for first degree murder.  Thereafter, Ms. Prince represented DM at a retrial on those same murder charges, and obtained an acquittal as to first degree murder.
  • April, 2013: People v. P.G. - Ms. Prince represented the defendant at a jury trial involving charges of sexual penetration and a lewd act on a child under 10.  Defendant was facing a potential sentence of life in prison. After a six (6) day trial, Defendant was found not guilty.   [For further information, see the Vacaville Reporter articles reporting on this victory HERE and HERE.]
  • June, 2012:  People v. L.V. - Following an eight (8) day jury trial in which Ms. Prince represented L.V. on serious felony charges of assault with a deadly weapon, felony vandalism, and a gang enhancement (all arising from an alleged gang assault and which would have potentially subjected the defendant to more than 15 years in prison), Ms. Prince successfully beat the felony charges and the gang enhancement.  L.V. was convicted of only two misdemeanors.
  • June, 2011: People v. L.L. - Ms. Prince pursued a writ of habeas corpus in the trial court seeking to relieve the defendant of sex offender registration requirements based on irregularities in the trial court proceedings. The writ was granted and the defendant was relieved of sex offender registration.
  • November, 2010: People v. R.L. - Ms. Prince represented R.L. on charges of first degree murder. Case resolved without trial for lesser felonies and no further jail time.
  • October, 2010: People v. K.J. - The defendant was facing life in prison following his conviction for a gun offense which was a third strike under California's Three Strikes Law. Ms. Prince successfully convinced the court to strike the defendant's prior strikes, as a result of which the defendant was sentenced to 32 months rather than life in prison.
  • October, 2010: People v. C.R. - Ms. Prince represented C.R. in a highly publicized case in which he was a murder suspect. Ms. Prince successfully had C.R.'s bail reduced from $2,000,000 to $25,000, and subsequently, negotiated a resolution of the case in which the charges were reduced to a minor misdemeanor charge with no jail time.
  • May, 2007: People v. M.M. - Ms. Prince represented M.M. in a jury trial involving allegations of sexual assault. Verdict: not guilty.
  • June, 2006: People v. F.J. - Ms. Prince represented F.J. in a three-week jury trial involving allegations of felony lewd and lascivious acts on two minor children. The jury hung at 11-1 for not guilty, a mistrial was declared, the prosecutor declined to retry the case, and the case was dismissed.
  • January, 2005: People v. J.D. - Ms. Prince represented J.D. in a jury trial involving allegations of sexual assault. Verdict: not guilty.
  • March, 2002: People v. R.S. - Ms. Prince represented R.S. in a jury trial involving a road rage incident in which R.S. was charged with assault and was facing life in prison as a third striker under California Three Strikes Law. Verdict: not guilty.

Appellate Victories

  • May, 2018People v. L.E. - L.E. was convicted of multiple counts of molestation, and sentenced to life in prison.  On appeal, Ms. Prince obtained a complete reversal of the conviction based upon an error in jury selection and the case was remanded to the trial court for a new trial.
  • October, 2017: People v. S.S. - On appeal of a conviction for multiple counts of molest, Ms. Prince established that the trial court had wrongfully denied S.S. pre-sentence custody credits, and S.S. was awarded the credits on the basis of this victory.
  • July, 2017: People v. J.O. - J.O. was convicted of multiple counts of molestation.  On appeal, Ms. Prince was able to have one of his convictions reversed based on insufficient evidence.
  • February, 2017: People v. R.S. - R.S. was convicted of first degree murder.  On appeal, Ms. Prince was successful in having a 5 year enhancement for a sentence stricken.
  • April, 2013People v. E.B. - E. B. was convicted of assault by a life prisoner and infliction of great bodily injury. On appeal, Ms. Prince successfully obtained a 2 year sentence reduction based on a violation of the rule against multiple punishments for the same act.
  • July, 2012:, In re J.G. - Ms. Prince represented a juvenile on appeal from his felony rape conviction.  She argued that the trial court had improperly imposed a requirement that the juvenile register as a sex offender - something that could cause him serious problems in his adulthood.  The appellate court agreed with Ms. Prince, granted the appeal, and struck down the sex offender registration requirement.
  • May, 2012:  People v. TE - Ms. Prince represented TE on appeal from a misdemeanor conviction for resisting arrest. Ms. Prince succeeded in having TE's conviction reversed, based on improper multiple prosecutions arising from the same course of conduct.
  • May, 2012:  Ms. Prince represented CF on appeal from a misdemeanor conviction for domestic violence. Ms. Prince succeeded in having CF's conviction reversed, based on the improper denial of a motion to withdraw a guilty plea made when the defendant did not have adequate representation.
  • December, 2011: People v. D.M. - Ms. Prince represented D.M. on direct appeal from his felony first degree murder conviction, and argued that the trial court erred in failing to give jury instructions on the lesser offenses of second degree murder and voluntary manslaughter. The court of appeal agreed and reversed D.M.'s conviction.
  • August, 2011: People v. T.L. - Ms. Prince represented T.L. on direct appeal from his felony assault conviction, and argued that numerous errors were made by the trial court. The Court of Appeal agreed, and reversed T.L.'s conviction and his six-year prison sentence.
  • May, 2011: People v. S.W. - Ms. Prince filed a pre-trial writ in the California Court of Appeal on S.W=s behalf, seeking reversal of the trial court's denial of a motion to suppress evidence in a felony drug case. The Court of Appeal granted the writ, held that the search of defendant was illegal, and ordered the evidence obtained as a result of the search suppressed.
  • August, 2009: People v. W.M. - Ms. Prince represented W.M. on direct appeal from his misdemeanor DUI conviction, and argued that the trial court had committed errors by excluding certain evidence regarding the lack of the compliance with regulations applicable to breathalyzer tests, and by improperly instructing the jury. The Solano County Superior Court, Appellate Division, agreed, and reversed the conviction based on errors
  • April, 2008: People v. C.W. - Ms. Prince represented C.W. on appeal from her misdemeanor conviction for resisting arrest. The Solano County Superior Court, Appellate Division reversed the conviction based on insufficient evidence.
  • March, 2006: People v. A.D. - Ms. Prince represented A.D. on direct appeal. In a published decision [(2006) 137 Cal.App.4th 1314], the California Court of Appeals reversed the defendant's conviction for robbery, based on the juvenile court's erroneous determination as to the extent of the juvenile court's jurisdiction.
  • September, 2003: People v. J.G. - Court of Appeal reversed the trial court's imposition of a condition of probation that appellant not use medical marijuana on the grounds that imposition of this condition was arbitrary and capricious and violated the defendant's state and federal constitutional rights to privacy.

Ms. Prince has also represented defendants on appeal in criminal and juvenile delinquency cases that have resulted in published appellate opinions. Published appellate decisions may be relied upon by other attorneys and judges in future court cases.

These opinions include: People v. Johnson (2010) 189 Cal.App.4th 1216 (involving the constitutional right to confront witnesses); In re Antoine D. (2006)127 Cal. App. 4th 1314 (involving jurisdiction of the juvenile court to modify a juvenile defendant's sentence); People v. Foreman (2005) 126 Cal. App. 4th 338 (involving eligibility for Proposition 36 treatment in lieu of jail for a nonviolent drug possession offender); People v. Maupin (1998) 62 Cal. App. 4th 290 (involving the validity of a prior strike conviction to enhance the defendant's current sentence); People v. Tyler (1991) 233 Cal. App. 3d 1456 (involving a challenge to improper remarks by trial judge during robbery trial); and People v. Bonds (1988) 200 Cal. App. 3d 1018 (involving the improper denial of a defendant's disqualification of the trial judge).

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